Product & Services

We design software for schools that helps them utilize the true power of information technology. We believe that with our approach of 'Simplifying IT' we have the tools you need to rely on when its about the serious business of educating the young. All of our software applications supports the latest platforms available today and are ready to embrace any innovation of the future.

Terbia - School Management Platform

Terbia is an ecosystem for institutions which consists of various tools and software to help schools manage the process of education delivery. These applications are designed in a manner that ensures complete administration of academic and non-academic aspects of any school.

Curriculum Mapping

Designed to help teachers align the school’s adopted standards with its students. It is designed to help school administrators and teachers in tracking their students’ progress and to pin point their strengths and weakness. Terbia’s Curriculum Mapping portal comes with rich features that are the best tools for a school to enter the 21st century and track what it delivers to its students.

Consultation Services

Our qualified team of educationalists & programmers offer consultative services to help you upgrade your school. Be it administrative consulting or a specific area, we are always available to support you in your journey.