Terbia will let you plan your next academic year's terms, classes, faculty and everything else you need so you can focus on operations better...

Terbia meets the needs of the students as well as the educators by offering services unique to each user.

Beyond progress reports... Terbia provides indepth analysis on students' behavior and helps the institution identify the factors which effect performance.

We know your time is important so just define the parameters and let the software do the scheduling for you.

It is as simple as that.

Parents and Students work closely with teachers and staff to achieve desired results more efficiently and productively.

What is Terbia?

Education Terbia is a management platform for academies and schools of any size that enables 360 degree administration of the institute. It is designed to provide unique insights to the administrators thus enabling quick and informed decision making and continuous improvements. This unique system enables intelligent planning of various academic year tasks and processes for example teachers activity, scheduling, healthcare, transport admissions, etc...

Terbia also helps faculty members and school administration communicate easily with parents and students, in and outside of the classroom. The program is web-based, enabling users to access it from anywhere, any time.

Terbia comes with the following

We don't just sell you a software! It comes with added benefits to make your experience easy, reliable, and stress-free. We offer:

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